Q. I'm going to Mexico and am wondering if I can pack an aerosol can of suntan lotion in my checked luggage.

A. Yes. According to the Transportation Security Administration, toiletries in aerosol cans intended for personal care in limited quantities are allowed in luggage, both checked and carry-on.

The Department of Transportation's website www.safetravel.dot.gov explains further: Acceptable aerosols, as a rule of thumb, are items you spray on your body. Suntan lotion qualifies. Spray paint and aerosol static removers do not. And what are the "limited quantities?" For carry-on, you must simply follow the TSA's rule about bringing liquids on board. Keep the item to 3.4 oz. or less, and place it in a clear plastic 1-quart size zip-lock bag. For checked luggage, the DOT limit for a single can is 18 oz, and the limit for each individual passenger is 70 oz., which, as estimated by the DOT, means that each passenger could carry 5 to 7 average size (10-14 oz) aerosol cans.