“The Q’s” mom lived to see her son achieve the career goal he has harbored since age 12.

“I wanted a talk show,” said Quincy Harris, whose Philly-based TV show is getting a national test in the Twin Cities, New York, Atlanta, Detroit, Charlotte, Phoenix and L.A. Locally “The Q” airs weekdays on My29 at noon and 10 p.m.

A married father of boys aged 3 and 6, Q lost his mom earlier this year. She saw his local TV show, but not this national bid. “I took a week off, I came back on the show and just broke down because it’s like, ‘Man. My mom and dad were married for 45 years; they knew each other since they were 5-year-olds.’ ”

His mom also witnessed her son working a radio job that distracted from his college studies. “It was a struggle. I was on a morning show here in Philly. Wendy Williams was one of the hosts of the show and I was the guy out on the street,” he said. So when is he going to be on the “Wendy” show? “I think I’ve got a lot more work to do before I can become a guest on Wendy Williams’ show but I’ll be honored. I love her. When the time is right, yeah. But you don’t force things like that.”


Q: Are you a Q, a Kappa, an Alpha, a Sigma or, like me, a proud GDI [“independent”]?

A: Yes, I am. I am a GDI. I am a graduate of Temple University and barely; I was doing radio.


Q: Guess I’ll have to spell out the rebellious meaning of GDI on Twitter?

A: You should.


Q: I guess we know who won’t be a keynote speaker at the next Omegas’ Grand Basileus or maybe you will be because you go by Q?

A: Yes, I love purple and gold. The colors complement me. I’m good with that.


Q: For whom are you mistaken when people know your face but not your name?

A: That’s funny. Can I tell you? I’ve been called Nephew Tommy a lot of times. He’s on Steve Harvey’s morning show. I don’t know why. Nephew Tommy or Ludacris and Ludacris has hair.


Q: Speaking of hair, are you buying one of those hairy man’s body bathing suits for your wife?

A: Oh no! My wife would slap me. That’s disgusting. I don’t know why women would even want to wear that.


Q: You had a good hypothesis when you showed a photo of that bathing suit on your show. It would offend other men at the beach.

A: Maybe. They are man-repellent: Stay away from her.


Q: You need to start an audience contest that predicts how long before you are bitten by a zoo animal. Between the faux fear and sticking out your hand like you’re going to pet it and pulling your hand back, you are not calming those animals.

A: Before I had the show I was a street reporter for Fox 29 in Philadelphia, and my biggest fear on television is of being that guy who gets bitten, the guy who gets attacked, the guy who get the animal stuck on his hands. I don’t want any of those issues. If animals are there, I stay two steps back.


Q: Who are your talk show idols?

A: Arsenio Hall, David Letterman, Jon Stewart. Goll-lee, the writing on that show and the timing was brilliant. I wish he was still around with the current political things going on today. Of course, Oprah Winfrey; she was able to inspire. I really liked Letterman, his sense of humor was so dry. I liked Chris Rock’s show on HBO.


Q: How did “The Real’s” Loni Love know that your suit closet is sparse?

A: She was just joking. I love Loni because we were able to play off each other really well. She said, Q, we need more men on the TV Train and I think you have it.


Q: Whom do you want to book as show guests?

A: Donald Trump, Jon Stewart, Chris Rock.


Q: Would your wife say that you are considerate or inconsiderate when it come to the toilet seat?

A: I think she’d say considerate.


Q: Boxers, briefs or something more horrifying?

A: [Long laugh] Boxer-briefs and something more horrifying! C.J., you’re throwing me off, bro.


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