Someone who looks a lot like Erin Andrews apparently had little reason to smile for the camera at Saturday’s Wild game.

Andrews is a Fox Sports correspondent, a “Dancing with the Stars” co-host and girlfriend of Wild center Jarret Stoll. She’s a regular at games, work schedule permitting.

According to reader Christine F., Andrews “looked unpleased with their performance by having her head in her hands. She was not too friendly ... short and snappy with the fans … A fan tried to fist pump [I think Christine meant bump] her and she looked appalled. Otherwise, she sat with her face glued to her phone and a snarl on it.”

At first I assumed another case of mistaken identity. Three hours later, Christine sent another e-mail: “I forgot to enclose the photo I took while trying to be discreet at the Wild game. Little blurry, sorry.”

This sure looks like Andrews. So I tweeted her the photo asking if the fans were bugging her or was she having a bad night? Andrews has not responded, so I am left to speculate and educate. No. 1: Fans need to read the tea leaves when they see a celebrity. Sometimes they don’t want to be bothered.

Perhaps that displeased look reflected how the Wild were playing, as that was the sorry game that got coach Mike Yeo fired. As for Andrews being short and snappy, for all we know she could be dealing with one of those things in life that makes you not seem like the most pleasant person. When I don’t feel like being bothered with people, I try to stay home. If I must go out, then I might seem grouchy. But I can turn delightful with people who provide me tidbits accompanied with photos, even blurry ones.


Famous Dave’s in Abu Dhabi

“Today the Arab words for bar-b-que are Famous Dave’s,” said the founder of the Minnetonka-based restaurant chain. Dave Anderson recently returned from opening his first of four franchises in the United Arab Emirates.

Dave told me Monday that a lot of Abu Dhabi residents already knew about his chain, which tweaked the product for the Arab palate — no pork ribs, only lamb and beef.

“We’ve been knocking it out of the park. Been busy every day since we opened. A lot of people don’t realize they are pretty sophisticated over there,” said Dave. “Their malls are bigger than our malls. They have more restaurants represented from all over the world, many from the United States.”

How was the sand situation?

“I didn’t see any sand,” said Dave. “Abu Dhabi is probably one of the cleanest cities I’ve even been in anywhere in the world. No trash, no litter. Absolutely gorgeous.”

Dave sandwiched 18-hour flights between a 48-hour stay in Abu Dhabi, where he traveled with Famous Dave’s CEO Adam Wright and PR exec Jean Golden, mother of my god-dog.

The return flight was more interesting. “They had to put me on a United Arab Emirates [Airlines] flight. Oh my God, was that a beautiful plane. They had orchids in the restrooms. Orchids,” said Dave. The quick trip was caused by Dave’s need to be in Austin, Texas, to take part in a reality show competition scheduled to air this summer.

“I believe all the unrest in the Middle East would be settled the first day they had a good old-fashioned all-American barbecue,” laughed Dave. “My secret hope is that some day they will realize what they’ve been missing.” Ah, I think there are religious reasons they don’t eat pork.

“Kind of strange to me, as eating spareribs is a [religious experience for] me,” joked Dave.


Mason won’t make a run at U

Interim U athletic director Beth Goetz won’t get any competition for the permanent job from former Gophers football coach Glen Mason.

Twitter’s @DanBarreiroKFAN asked: “Have you thrown your hat in the Gophers AD ring?”

Mason, who works for the Big Ten Network, responded: “R u nuts?”

I don’t know why the U is wasting money on a search instead of just giving this job to Goetz. When women are in charge there are usually fewer of the frat boy shenanigans that got Norwood Teague bounced. I’m not saying women bosses are perfect, but as women we know we can’t get away with allowing frat house antics, regardless of the reason.


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