Building-block-furniture fun If you liked to play with Legos when you were a kid, here's your excuse as an adult. Yube Cube is a new line of cube furniture that can be assembled and arranged over and over again to suit decorating whims.

Each cube is 13 by 13 inches and the blocks snap together easily. You can create a wall of Yube Cubes to make a shelf, desk or side table. You can leave them open in front, or add a drawer or attach a door. The doors come in various colors and patterns. The cubes can sit flat on the floor or you can add legs.

The panels are made using reconstituted sugar-cane waste fibers and the frames are made of "woodlite," which is a moldable thermoplastic mixed with fiber made from bamboo and timber waste material.

Panels can be stenciled or painted on, and an online application allows you to upload any image and create a unique door for a personalized look.

Cubes start at $29.50. Accessories range from $9.75 to 28.75. For more information, visit


Six must-have spaces According to a survey of Better Homes and Gardens readers, these are the six spaces that homeowners most want to see included in their new home or updated in their existing one:

1. Separate laundry room

2. More storage and built-ins

3. A home office

4. An outdoor grilling/living area

5. A second bedroom with a private bath

6. Everyday eating space close to the kitchen