Thursday felt like something out of early May: sticky with spurts of sun and a few grumbles of thunder. Odd weather for November. Data from NOAA confirms a tie for fifth-warmest start to a November since 1872. If anyone asks (doubtful), the first four days of the month were 14.1 degrees warmer than average. The next time our weather is "average," would someone please send me a fax — or maybe call me on my rotary phone?

So THIS is what November feels like! Drag a jacket out of cold storage and get ready for 40s with a windchill in the 30s. Still, hardly polar. Tom Kelly lives in Minneapolis' Powderhorn Park. "We still have perennials blooming, including roses, forsythia, mums, asters, and Shasta daisies. Very bizarre, to say the least," he wrote. No freeze as of Nov. 5? More Kansas City than Minneapolis.

Metro locations stay above freezing into next week with another string of 50s, starting Sunday. The ECMWF model hints at a rainstorm next Thursday. Am I crazy? The maps look like spring. Where's November?