Authorities recovered the body of toddler Daisy Jo Holland on Sunday afternoon, nearly two days after she vanished from a campground in Elk River.

She was found by dive team members about 2:30 p.m. several hundred yards from her campsite, downstream in the Elk River near Wapiti Park Campground. The search on Sunday had focused on the river and on Orono Lake.

"The active search for Daisy has concluded," said Elk River Police Chief Brad Rolfe.

There is no indication of foul play, but the investigation remains open, he said. An autopsy will be performed by the Ramsey County medical ­examiner's office.

Police praised the public for its support.

"The Elk River Police Department and the family of Daisy Jo Holland extend their sincere thanks to the numerous community members, public safety agencies and other organizations who assisted with this investigation and search for Daisy," Rolfe said.

Rolfe told reporters Saturday that the girl's parents were distraught. They have not been identified.

On Friday, police received a 911 call at 8:20 p.m. when the girl disappeared. Her mother, two other adults and five other children were camping adjacent to the Elk River on the extreme northern edge of the campground.

Daisy had last been seen playing near a creek that feeds into the Elk River. Dogs had followed her scent to the river's edge on Saturday, police said. It was an area where the swift water gets deep fast and visibility extends only about a foot below the surface, police said.

More than 260 volunteers helped authorities search the area on Saturday, including water searches by law enforcement with a State Patrol helicopter.

Michael and Linda Klopping live on the road leading into Wapiti Park and watched as emergency vehicles roared past their home on Friday night when Daisy went missing.

Michael set out with the second wave of volunteers on Saturday, and waded through brush and water up to his ankles in search of the little girl.

Linda said she had been "keeping a vigil of watching the cars going back and forth," praying for a resolution.

When an ambulance and a mass of squad cards headed past their picture window Sunday afternoon, they knew it had come.

"It was not what you would want, but at least now there's an answer," said Linda.

"It was a relief," said Michael. "At least you know."

After the recovery was confirmed, dozens of people posted comments on Facebook for Daisy and her family.

One wrote: "Daisy, rest in peace, little angel."

Another woman wrote: "God bless little Daisy. May thousands of daisys grow for you."

Daisy would have turned 2 years old on Monday. • 612-673-4465 • 612-673-7335