Skateboarder Bob Burnquist’s legendary X Games career ended in Minneapolis.

Burnquist, the 40-year-old pioneer who is the only athlete to have competed in every Summer X Games, announced Saturday his final run in the big air event would be his last.

“This was my last one, 2017,” Burnquist said over the U.S. Bank Stadium loudspeakers. “I appreciate everyone. I’m glad it ended here in Minneapolis. I’ll keep skating. Obviously, it’s not retirement. There’s no such thing.”

Burnquist did not medal in two events, big air and vert, in Minneapolis, but he walks away with the most medals (30) in X Games history. His 14 golds rank second across all disciplines, along with BMX legends Jamie Bestwick and Dave Mirra.

The Brazilian will likely remain a factor for X Games competitors even though he won’t be competing anymore. Burnquist hosts skaters from around the world at his home in California, where he built a replica of the 365-foot MegaRamp for practice.

Before his final X Games, Burnquist shared a little about his secret for longevity.

“You have to stay motivated. That’s the biggest part,” Burnquist said. “To maintain, you have to be hungry. You have to want it. Also not take it too seriously. It’s just skateboarding, it’s what I do. Even though I’ve been successful, I don’t feel I compete as well as I can come up with tricks, film new things and create. I just go, compete and it lines up. I guess just over time, my strategy, cold blood in certain situations — I’ve been blessed, I guess would be the answer.”