"Paul, what's your least favorite form of severe weather?" Morbid question, but I'd go with tornado, mostly because on average there's only a few minutes of warning. If it's an EF-3 or stronger and you don't have a basement, you may not survive. A close second: lightning. Americans are injured and killed by lightning every year, and although you're safer inside a building or vehicle than out on a fairway, there is still some risk. With hurricanes and river flooding you get a few days' notice. Same with blizzards. At least we don't have to worry about earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis. Right?

We've earned Wednesday's sunny skies and low 70s, in fact dry weather lingers into much of Thursday. The next chance of rain and thunderstorms comes Thursday night into Friday. Saturday looks like the drier day of the weekend with more pop-up thunderstorms Sunday, but we'll see.

Mother Nature is on a mission. Cough up another storm every other day. I'm buying umbrella futures.

Oh, there are no sandstorms (haboobs) in Minnesota either. That's nice.