ESPN's Bill Simmons either can't help himself, doesn't learn lessons or simply doesn't care because his contract with the Worldwide Leader expires later this year and he already has his sights on bigger and better things.

Or, we suppose, Simmons and ESPN have arranged a sort of tenuous marriage by which they give him some rope and he uses all of it, with the idea that any evolving controversy generates publicity for both the man and the media empire.

Whatever the case, Simmons can't seem to stop taking shots at fellow ESPN employees, even though that has landed him in trouble in the past. The latest target: NFL analyst Ray Lewis. A tweet from Simmons:

The link on that tweet, as noted by Awful Announcing, is a Photoshopped image of Lewis with deer antlers — a reference to the deer antler spray controversy Lewis found himself in a couple years ago.

That tweet was two hours ago, shortly before 11 a.m. As of this posting, he hasn't tweeted since. WAS HE SUSPENDED?! (Probably not, but we'll have to wait and see).