Not Lowry Hill.

Not Summit Avenue.

Nope, the best "Old House Neighborhood" in Minnesota is Prospect Park in Minneapolis. That's according to This Old House magazine, which just released its annual list. (St. Cloud made the cut last year.)

Prospect Park, known for its "Witch's Hat" water tower, is tucked between the University of Minnesota campus and St. Paul.

And it's a treasure trove of well-preserved old homes, according to the magazine. With nearly 800 dwellings, 92 percent are considered historic, in architectural styles ranging from 19th-century Stick Victorians to midcentury bungalows.

This Old House also liked Prospect Park's "mazelike streets," century-old trees and plethora of private gardens. The houses themselves are relative bargains. "It's common to find a fully restored 2,000-square-foot home built around the turn of the century for less than $400,000," the magazine noted. "Bargain hunters may find deals as low as $150,000 for a 1,200-to 1,500-square-foot house in need of updates."

I lived in Prospect Park -- twice -- during my early 20s, first in a nondescript duplex, then a grander four-plex with a front porch and ornate leaded-glass windows. Neither was architecturally distinguished. But I did love the neighborhood's leafy charm and easy proximity to the U.

Do you agree? Is Prospect Park the best "Old House Neighborhood" in Minnesota? If not, what is?