For several hours today, Best Buy's website didn't allow customers to actually buy items from it.

Instead, customers were greeted by the words "coming soon" on product pages where an "add to cart" button should have been. But the issue appeared to be mostly resolved by mid-afternoon.

A Best Buy spokesman said in an email around 5 p.m. that the website was working again.

"The deployment of system updates led to the temporary loss of some site functionality on Wednesday," he said.

This isn't the first time the Richfield-based electronics has recently disappointed customers on its website. On Black Friday, one of the biggest shopping days of the year, the retailer took down its website at least two times. Best Buy said at the time that a surge in mobile traffic overwhelmed its systems so the retailer decided to take its site offline while it addressed the issue.

Today was obviously not as big of a sales day. But still, many frustrated customers took to Twitter to vent their frustrations with the site.

Despite these occasional website woes, analysts have been optimistic about Best Buy's performance during the holiday season. But we'll know for sure tomorrow morning when it reports its holiday sales.