The Patriots signed former Cretin-Derham Hall star Michael Floyd on Thursday after he was released by the Arizona Cardinals following DUI and other charges being filed against him earlier this week.

On Friday, Belichick explained the signing (kind of).Here's the beginning of the transcript, as provided by the Sporting News web site.

Here's the beginning of the exchange with reporters:

Belichick: Alright, we claimed Michael Floyd yesterday and released Griff (Whalen). I think this is really similar to the Whalen situation last week, a position that we don’t have a lot of depth at. We felt that obviously we’d rather work with Floyd at this point in time. We’re aware of the situation that came up earlier in the week. We’ll let that legal situation play itself out, but really we’ll just see how it goes. He’s a player that we haven’t had before. We look forward to working with him and we’ll just see how it goes.

Q: He had a similar situation in college –

Belichick: I wouldn’t say it was similar at all.

Q: I was under the impression it was a DUI he received in college.

Belichick: I’m not saying it wasn’t, but I’d say it was quite a different situation.

Q: Perhaps I worded it poorly.

Belichick: Ok, well look, yeah. Whatever it is, it is. We’re aware of whatever the past is. We’re moving forward with the player and (we'll) see how it goes.

The verbal fencing continued. To see the rest of it, click here.

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