LOS ANGELES - Beavis & Butt-Head have a Minnesota connection. Creator Mike Judge, who is bringing back the not-so-dynamic duo to MTV this fall, told me his animation style is based largely on the animated specials for "Peanuts," the comic strip created by St. Paul-raised Charles Schulz. More specifically, he created Butt-Head with Pigpen in mind.

"It was the hair was moving and this cloud of filth," said Judge during a conversation at an MTV pool party at the Beverly Hilton.

Judge, who also created the cartoon series "King of the Hill" and filmed the cult classic "Office Space," said he's not usually eager to meet celebrities, but he would have made an exception to chat with Schulz.

"It would be more out of curiosity," he said. "We all owe a lot to him."

Judge also said it was weird returning to the voices of Beavis & Butt-Head, last seen as TV regulars in '97.

"I would think in their voice in the car, but I would never do them out loud," he said. "I kind of missed it."

Also in attendance: "American Idol" judge Randy Jackson, Rick "don't call me Ricky" Schroder, Kristen Johnston and Wayne "don't call me Newman" Knight.