We all have them -- grainy photos of yesteryear that show off outdated fashions and goofy or embarrassing moments. Somewhere out there is a photo of my mom with her 1980s perm and me as a kid wearing , wide-rimmed glasses, short shorts and tube socks that almost reached up to my knees. (And no, I won't be finding it and posting it here!)

Turns out, there's a forum that allows these forgettable moments to be broadcast to the world! Awkward Family Photos is a web site dedicated to the worst of family photography -- whether it be birthdays or graduations or just stupid moments in time.

Comment below on your weird photograph memories. I'm sure just the mere thought conjures up some picture that you know exists but would prefer didn't!

As usual, I'm the last person in the world to learn about this increasingly popular site, which just received a Webby Award this week as the year's Best Weird Website. If you haven't seen it yet, take a look when you need a laugh. Here's an example entitled Queen Bee from the web site's Hall of Fame, NOT from my family.

A publicist for the Webby Awards also sent me a list of family-related web sites that earned top honors. (There's something like 200 categories, with winners selected by judges and also by people's choice). The list:


  • Best Family/Parenting Website: BabyCenter
  • Best Lifestyle Website: MarthaStewart.com (Webby Award); The Escapist (People's Voice Award)
  • Best Youth Website: A Thin Line (Webby Award); National Geographic Kids (People's Voice Award)
  • Best Lifestyle App for Handheld Devices: Jamie's Recipes (Webby Award); Weight Watchers Mobile for iPhone (People's Voice Award)
  • Best Lifestyle App for Tablets & All Other Devices: MOMA (Webby Award);Target for iPad (People's Voice Award)
  • Best Online Banking/Bill Paying Service: Chase Blueprint Demo (People's Voice Award); Lending Club (Webby Award)
  • Best Employment Website: Freelancer.com (People's Voice Award and Webby Award)
  • Best Financial Services Website: Mint (People's Voice Award and Webby Award)