The release of "Fences" highlights a quandary for those who appreciate August Wilson: Despite the breadth of his epic 10-play chronicle of 20th century African-American life, there's precious little for folks to watch at home.

One notable exception: The 1995 TV movie of "The Piano Lesson," directed by Lloyd Richards and nominated for nine Emmys and a Golden Globe, is available on DVD.

In 2013, Phylicia Rashad, Taraji P. Henson and scores of other artists gathered in New York to record all 10 plays in Wilson's cycle. The recordings were made available for streaming for a limited time afterward. But there are still excerpts at american-century-cycle/.

"The Ground on Which I Stand," an episode of PBS' "American Masters" series, looks at Wilson's impact and legacy. It can be viewed at

Wilson was the subject of a 2015 "MN Original" profile on Twin Cities Public Television that still can be seen at

And the playwright himself spoke eloquently about his work to Bill Moyers and Charlie Rose in chats that are available on YouTube, which also is loaded with excerpts of Wilson's work.

Rohan Preston