'I Need to Be Somewhere'

We really like Daniel Buettner. The Rosalux veteran is one of those guys who finds the mystical in the everyday, painting fastidious, photo-realistic miniatures of commonplace items — a hamburger, say, or a watering can — and then marooning these items in a mist of swirling acrylic. Excised from their context, Buettner's subjects become wonderfully destabilized, lost somewhere between metaphysical talisman and rubber-chicken gag. It's part Dadaist collage, part abstract expressionism, and it'll look great hanging in any living room. Rosalux pal David Malcolm Scott, known for his wide, watercolor panoramas of abstracted architecture, shows alongside. (Free opening reception 7-10 p.m. Sat. Rosalux Gallery, 1400 NE. Van Buren St., Mpls. GREGORY J. SCOTT


'Painting From Life' & 'Local Terrain'

From sunlight and shadow, leaves and grass and snow, Fred Anderson and Jean Gumpper make the absorbing vignettes in this two-part show. In "Painting From Life," Anderson studies intimate things in familiar spaces — a toy sailboat moored on a library shelf, the stairwell of his home illuminated with summer light, a bower of hydrangeas. In her finely detailed "Local Terrain" woodcuts, Gumpper lays out designs of leaves, grasses, twigs and berries in their natural environments. Shown close-up, her autumn leaves are twisted wisps of mottled yellow, grasses bend over their pond reflections, and berries shimmer on brittle twigs in snow. Keenly observed and eloquently designed, their paintings and prints are a cheerful winter tonic. (Ends Jan. 17, free. Groveland Gallery, 25 Groveland Terrace, Mpls. 612-377-7800 or Mary Abbe