The submissions to our sixth annual Are You Local? contest are all in and the voting gates are open! We’ve compiled a follow-up list of some impressive latecomers to the competition and a few gems we glossed over last time. On Feb. 19 we’ll announce the five finalists, selected from the pool of 125 submissions, who will play our First Avenue showcase on Friday, March 6.

Moon And Pollution – Dark and lush electro-pop that appeared on the most recent season premier of MTV’s Teen Wolf, of course.

B.O.Y.F. – Formerly known as White Boyfriend, this splendidly queer trio makes understated glam-pop with socially progressive lyrics. They could be February’s buzziest local band – they were tacked on to the bill for Saint Motel’s Entry show last week and will be opening for Pornonono on the first night of their residency at the Nomad. Keep an eye out for these charmers.

False Teeth – Futuristic hip-hop. Fresh and catchy.

Party After Paradise – These Mankato pop rockers might as well have time traveled to us from monster-label Fueled By Ramen’s 2008 glory days of pop-punk phenomena.

Breakaway – Are you there, Arca? It’s me, Breakaway.

Dred I Dead – You don’t even have to smoke any pot to enjoy this local reggae band.

Coastal Cabins – Two endearing college pals who write really moving indie folk music when they’re not cracking open a cold can of Dr. Pepper and playing Mario Kart 64. Their sweeping songwriting signals emotional depth beyond their years.

Upstanding Hoodrat – They bill themselves as “punk rock acid jazz.” Imagine a musical spectrum that runs from Maroon 5 to FKA Twigs and place them at around a 4.

Kids Like Us – Funky hip-hop with a jazzy, soulful twist and delightfully cheeky attitude.

Rear Window  - The literary influences extend beyond their name. If there’s been a lack of Romeo & Juliet-based songs to come around lately they’re here to bring the thunder.