Well, that was amazing. And it was not a coincidence. Because you're worth it, I paid for a weather upgrade. Spring 7.0. Sunny, lukewarm weekends with heavy rain events timed for the weekdays. The way weather should be. My work here is done.

"If you could just do something about that wind, Paul! It's terribly inconvenient." Saturday was the 10th day in April with gusts over 30 mph. More evidence the atmosphere is shifting gears from winter to a more summery pattern.

After a postcard-perfect weekend we salvage an OK Monday with peeks of sun and upper 60s. A few renegade showers may freckle the Doppler over central Minnesota, but most of the rain comes Tuesday and Wednesday as another bloated, sloppy storm tracks from Denver to Green Bay, Wis.

Most weather models print out about an inch of additional rain. With any luck, lingering drought up north will slowly fade over time. Jacket-worthy weather by late week gives way to mostly 60s the last week of April. Not too shabby. Was it really 85 degrees on Saturday? Amazing.