Yes, Minnesota had a sporting treasure back in the day when the exuberant Kevin Harlan served as the first play-by-play voice when the Timberwolves came into the NBA in 1989, a job he held for nine years until going big time.

Harlan in known for some well-crafted phrase turns: The time LeBron James dunked on Kevin Garnett, then with the Boston Celtics, and Harlan proclaimed that James threw down the slam "with no regard for human life!"

During the Super Bowl, Harlan got another chance at calling the action of a fan interrupting play by running on the field.

Version one was five years ago during a Monday night game when he described a scene that TV broadcasts typically choose to avoid showing. That radio call ended by noting the fan provided "the most exciting thing to happen tonight."

Sunday's sequel happened with about five minutes left in the fourth quarter, after the exciting parts of the game between Tampa Bay and Kansas City were well past. Here's what you didn't see unless you were there, including Harlan's admonition to the man "to pull up your pants!"

Bonus! A more gentille version of the scene was provided on the BBC's broadcast of the game:

"We have an intruder on the field..."