Three hunters in Massachusetts were arrested Nov. 11 after they shot a deer decoy with a crossbow, reported. Game wardens spotted a truck with a spotlight shining on the "deer" just before the shot was taken. The hunters realized it was a decoy and took off, but they were apprehended by officers who found "deer legs within the truck bed in plain view." They were arraigned on multiple charges including hunting with artificial light, hunting with the aid of a vehicle and hunting after hours.

Pigging out

Wyverne Flatt of Canajoharie, N.Y., is willing to go to the mat for his 100-pound emotional support pig, Ellie, News10-TV reported. But village officials don't believe Ellie should be allowed to live with Flatt, who has been fighting her exile for two years. "I have gotten shot records from the vet, notes from the doctor, and all the paperwork," Flatt said. "I've done everything they've asked me to do, and we just keep going to court." Flatt said after a divorce and losing family members, he is comforted by the pig: Ellie "jumps right up on the couch to watch TV, and she does all this stuff. Her going away from me would be just as detrimental for her as it would be for me."

Wrong place, wrong time

Dr. Suleman Shaikh, a newly minted physician in England, gifted his parents with a trip to Seville, Spain. Humaira and Farooq Shaikh boarded a Ryanair flight in London on Oct. 4, but when they landed, they were in Greece. Ryanair offered to cover one night's hotel stay, but the next flight back to London wasn't for four days. Suleman Shaikh said it cost more than $1,300 for his parents' additional three nights of lodging, adding that he's "completely outraged and shocked that this has been allowed to happen." But Ryanair stuck to its position, blaming the travelers for boarding the wrong plane: "It is the responsibility of every passenger to ensure they follow the correct procedures and take note of the information available to them."

Want fries with that?

A prison in Perry, Ga., called in an order at the local McDonald's on Nov. 9 that stunned employee Brittani Curtis, Fox5Atlanta-TV reported. The prison ordered 1,600 McChickens, 1,600 McDoubles and 3,200 cookies. "No lie, ya girl is tired," Curtis posted on TikTok after helping to fulfill the order, which cost about $7,400. There was no word on what was wrong with the prison's kitchen.

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