Male Player of the Year

Gable Steveson

Apple Valley

Why he won: Steveson’s legend started in eighth grade — the last time he lost a high school match — when he was runner-up in Class 3A at 195 pounds. Since then the agile 255-pounder piled up 173 consecutive victories and four state championships. In the offseason, he won three world championships. He did it all with flair and passion. His handspring-backflip after winning the heavyweight championship with a 17-second pin went viral, adding to his reputation as the nation’s most dominant high school wrestler.

What he said: On his flip after winning his fourth state title: “It came about a little earlier in the day. My brother approached me and he was like, ‘You need to do something cool when you win. This is your last time here, so I need you to do a backflip for me.’ So I was like, ‘Say no more.’ ”