Q: When I was having iPad and PC problems, I sought help from iYogi, which I thought was an Apple-sanctioned online repair service. After I allowed iYogi remote access to my PC, they wanted to charge me hundreds of ­dollars to correct technical issues, but I declined.

Since then, whenever I start the PC, I get a message asking if I want iYogi to make changes to my computer. I always click “no.” When I try to remove the iYogi software from my PC, the same message comes up. I’m afraid to click “yes” because I don’t know whether that will uninstall the program or cause the iYogi software to make changes to my PC. What should I do?

Lisa Kaufmann, Clarion, Pa.


A: The India-based iYogi company is not affiliated with Apple. It’s one of several independent firms that perform remote PC diagnostic and repair services over the Internet.

While iYogi is a legitimate repair company, you are not the first ­person to complain that it leaves its PC remote control repair software on a customer’s PC after a service call, which is not considered a good business practice. Leaving behind unwanted software was one of several reasons that the iYogi service received a mixed review from PC Magazine (see tinyurl.com/p9gbyxg.) To make sure you are removing the iYogi software and not agreeing to something else, follow the directions for eliminating the program at tinyurl.com/nzfa4m2.


Q: Whenever I use the Internet, I get a “high disk usage” warning from my Norton security software and my PC runs very slowly. The warning says the software causing the problem is the voice and video communications program Skype, even though it hasn’t been accessed since 2010. I’ve never used Skype, but a member of my family may have. What should I do?

Beverley Mulvihill, Mount Barker, Australia


A: There have been complaints that some versions of Skype software access the PC’s disk too frequently, causing security software to generate an alert. This apparently is caused by Skype settings that save data from previous Internet connections, and accumulate it over time. In your case, Skype appears to have been running in the background of your PC for five years.

To uninstall Skype, press the Windows logo key and the R key at the same time. In the resulting box, type “appwiz.cpl” (without the quotation marks) and click OK. In the resulting list, find the Skype program, right click it and select either “remove” or “uninstall.”


Q: I have a nine-year-old HP Deskjet F380 All-In-One printer that I used with a Windows XP desktop PC. Will the printer work with a Windows 7 laptop, or is it too old?

Lana Luhm, Eau Claire, Wis.


A: Your printer will work with your Windows 7 laptop once you download the correct printer software ­drivers. You can download the ­drivers at tinyurl.com/pdco9et.


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