Every generation has a stupid craze, if only to provide future generations something to laugh at. Flagpole sitting, for example. Goldfish swallowing. Cramming into phone booths. Cramming goldfish into phone booths. It's up to the younger generation to invent these things, enjoy them for a while, wondering if it's uncool to think the craze is stupid, then turn on them suddenly with unexpected furor while older generations snicker. If they notice at all.

Which brings us to planking. There's something apt about this one: a passive posture of uncontested defeatism, done for no purpose except to take a picture and put it on the internet. Perhaps my planking picture will be picked up by a humorous-photo aggregator, and they will say I am Planking Like a Boss! Fine. Knock yourself out. Well, here to bring the planking craze to its inevitable close: Hugh Hefner, planking.

At least we hope he's planking.