I was going to let this story just kind of fade into the background because, after all: is it really all that interesting that Vikings running back Adrian Peterson reportedly (per TMZ, so watch out for some PG-13 material on that link) bought vodka shots for everyone at a bar in Texas?

Not really.

But then I re-read the item and the news value increased tenfold when I realized the bar is called the Flying Pug Sports Pub.

Those who know me even marginally are often aware that I have been the proud owner of a pug (Petunia) for the past 12 years. She has never flown, though in her younger days perhaps she bounced and pranced more than she does now.

Nonetheless, I wholeheartedly support this bar. If Peterson was going to be generous anywhere, it might as well be at a bar named for the greatest dogs on earth.