Adrian Peterson took to Twitter to dispute reports that he's demanding at least an $8 million salary in the first year to play for a team this season.

Peterson, who turned 32 this week, was slated to make $18 million for the Vikings before they replaced him with Latavius Murray. Since then, during the height of free agency, Peterson's recruitment has been mostly silent.

The reason, according to ESPN's Jeremy Fowler, is that Peterson has an asking price of $8 million — a seemingly ridiculous expectation for an aging back coming off a year in which he was mostly sidelined by a knee injury.

Peterson, who won the league rushing title in 2015, shot down that report in a lengthy social media reaction.

Eddie Lacy signed with the Seahawks for $5.5 million. Murray's three-year contract is for $15 million.

The consensus all along has been that it would come down to money for Peterson. Of course he says it is more to it than that, but from a general manager's perspective, that's what it is all about. In January, two former GMs relayed that sentiment to our NFL Insider, Mark Craig:

For now, Peterson's stated preference of putting winning over money will be tested, perhaps for weeks to come.