Call me a cynic -- and David Kahn has, more than once -- but you can probably handicap this Timberwolves' coaching search simply by using one criteria:


If they're willing to pay $4-5 million a year, the pick clearly seems to be former Houston coach Rick Adelman, a candidate who meets all of Kahn's criteria for style of play, winning track record and the unspoken but important Kevin Love Factor.

If their ceiling is $3 million -- plus bonuses -- it's Don Nelson.

Working down from there, in the $2 million range and in descending order, your picks are Mike Woodson, Bernie Bickerstaff (and Son) and then Terry Porter.

What did it mean that Adelman spoke to Kahn by phone about the job but decided not to come to interview in person last weekend?

Well, there could be all kinds of factors:

Does he really want to get back into coaching just now when he told reporters late last season that he was looking forward to a full summer and perhaps then some off to spend with his family?

Does he really want to tackle a job where he won't be able to win big for at least two, probably three years?

Does he really want to work for Kahn, his neighbor back home in Portland?

But after talking with a few people who know Adelman and who know the Wolves' search, it may be as simple as dollars.

The man, of course, wants to get paid.

Mention the right financial neighborhood -- and a pretty respectable one at that -- and he's probably on the plane to Minnesota for a sit down with Kahn and Taylor.

Until then...

Of course, for all we know Kahn could be back home in Portland this week while he seemingly takes a week's respite from the search and having Adelman over for a barbecue and drinks.

Adelman's last deal -- with Houston -- was four years and about $16.25 million, a $4-plus annual salary that you'd think will be the starting point for any serious discussions with the Wolves.

Or maybe a lot more.

On the day he officially fired Kurt Rambis, Kahn said Taylor is willing to spend what it takes to get the right coach and promised that money won't be a factor.

We'll see...

Until then, it sounds like there won't be any more interviews until next week, when they're expected to talk with Larry Brown and perhaps one or two other candidates.