Kevin Love once again “broke” the news, tweeting not long ago this afternooon, “Houston, we have a coach.”

Neither he nor I have it confirmed completely solid, but we both believe Rick Adelman today accepted the Timberwolves coaching job.

I've heard it from one good league source, but not two independently needed to absolutely confirm the deal.

Love -- who told the world two years ago that Kevin McHale wouldn't be back as the Wolves' coach -- apparently has a slightly lower Twitter threshold.

He tweeted it, implying the Wolves have their new coach because he said he heard "rumblings" today from his contacts close to Adelman that the former Houston Rockets coach accepted the Wolves' offer.

Houston, we have a coach...get it?

"If it's true," Love said.

Yes, if it's true Love said Adelman’s presence would “absolutely” play a factor in whether he signs a contract extension with the team.

“When I talked about the prospect of me re-signing, I always said one of the things we’d have to have is a great coach,” he said. “If it’s true, we’ve got a great coach.”

Love has known Adelman since he was in junior-high school and he played high-school ball with Adelman’s son Patrick.

"We've always had a good relationship," Love said of Adelman. "Looking back to high school, I always asked myself, `What does Rick think I need to improve?' I kept asking him for advice whenver I had the chance to talk to Rick. I always thought it'd be very interesting and intriguing to play under such a well-respected coach, who I know well. who has been there and done that.

 "He adds credibility to our team."

Think Love envisions himself fitting into Adelman's system, which emphasizes big men who can shoot, handle the ball and pass away from the basket.

"Yeah, like Chris Webber, Vlade (Divac), Brad Miller or any of those guys," Love said, referring to big men Adelman coached at Sacramento in the early 2000s. "That'd be perfect for me, working from the high post, being a facilitator. He has had a lot of success. He went to Houston thinking he'd have Yao (Ming) and Tracy McGrady there and he ends up coaching Aaron Brooks, (Luis) Scola and Chuck Hayes to a better than .500 record.

"He made the best of the situation there. I'd love to see what he'd do with all the very young talent we have here."