Did a pro-Tom Emmer group skinny down the Republican candidate for governor's face in their new television ad?

As espied by MinnPost media reporter it sure looks like they did. The reporter, David Brauer called the apparent MN Forward face shaping, "a subtle and somewhat silly fib, but trust me, every pixel of these ads is fawned over, so it's no accident."

But it turns out, it is an accident or rather a problem of the medium on which the ad is viewed, according to MN Forward director Brian McClung.

What's going on, McClung said, is that the photo, pulled from Emmer's legislative Web site, looks skinnier on a YouTube screen grab than it does on television. On television, Emmer's face should look as wide as it does on the photo.

McClung said the group didn't ask the ad production firm to change the photo and the ad production firm "didn't squeeze or change the photo in any way."

The ad will run Monday night during newscasts, so television viewers can judge for themselves.

Emmer's face as it appears on a screen grab of a YouTube version of the ad; Emmer's face from the legislative Web site: