Everyone loves to complain about the rising costs of attending a good old fashioned ballgame.

But it seems Gophers fans are more than willing to pay the price.

A report from Vivid Seats, an online ticket marketplace shows that Minnesota owns the 11th most expensive re-sold NCAA basketball ticket in the nation for their site, with a median price of $84 per ticket.

(Data was compiled in late November.)

Kansas takes the cake at a median of $265 per ticket and Kentucky, Duke, Gonzaga, Indiana, UCLA, VCU, Georgetown, UNC and Wake Forest all fall ahead of the Gophers in terms of more expensive tickets.

Obviously, the Gophers have a monopoly in this state for college basketball, with no other Division I schools around – that should help Minnesota do very well, attendance-wise. But what's interesting about the Gophers' placement on this list is that Williams Arena doesn't consistently sell out.

Since the market is set by sellers, prices for the tickets can be driven up by demand. What that means is that while the venue doesn't always have a rear in every seat, Gophers fans are very willing to pay for better seats. There aren't as many who are eager to sit in the nosebleeds though -- Williams' cache of obstructed view seats might have something to do with that as well.

By contrast Michigan State, according to this report, has a medium ticket price of $55. The Gophers aren't involved in any of the top-25 most expensive games this season. The priciest? UNC vs. Duke on March 8th, with a median entry cost of $1459. Yikes.