Just for fun, let's think back to what we were doing six years ago today. The metro awoke to 11 inches of snow on the ground. Twenty-six inches fell between April 2 and 15 of 2018. Spring came reluctantly that year, in stark contrast to 2024.

I think/hope/pray that snow season, what little of it there was, is behind us now. A few more flakes? Possible, but the odds of accumulation are small and getting smaller by the day.

If you're keeping score, 29.5 inches of snow fell at MSP all winter. Most of that fell in March and was gone within a few days. Little "usable snow." Ask anyone with a snowmobile.

Prepare for window-rattling, gutter-gushing rains Tuesday with a little thunder possible and east winds gusting from 30 to 40 mph. A good day for a picnic! Rainfall amounts may approach 1 inch or more before the deluge finally tapers Wednesday afternoon. We cool into the low 50s by late week with a few nights below 32 degrees this weekend, but models hint at a rapid rebound next week with fairly consistent 60s, maybe 70s.

Dear diary: We are having a real spring in 2024!