On a volatile, potentially dangerous day like Tuesday, meteorologists are trying to thread the needle and accurately communicate the threat level for severe weather. It's all hype and fearmongering until YOUR neighborhood gets hit, then it's "Why was there no warning? Where were you?"

About 1:30 p.m., the National Weather Service issued a "PDS" tornado watch — "particularly dangerous situation" — for southern parts of the metro. That's a big tripwire and red flag. If you ever hear "tornado emergency," that means a large, confirmed tornado is moving into a heavily populated area. We can't predict exactly when and where a tornado will drop, only that conditions aloft are ripe, as they are today across southern Minnesota.

Mother Nature won't try to kill us on Wednesday, just sunshine, a stiff wind and highs near 70. Another round of showers and thunderstorms (not as severe) arrive Friday, and much of the holiday weekend looks dry and partly sunny, with the best chance of a few showers on Memorial Day.

After a long honeymoon, severe storm season has arrived.