A new view through an old lens

Right around when the fair was born in the 1800s, tintype photography was in its heyday. This feat of photographic alchemy freezes a 2019 State Fair moment in Civil War-era tones. Tintype photography by Alex Kormann. 


The Ladies of the Lake posed for a tintype portrait.
Christian Robinson from Chicago posed for a tintype portrait with his sweet corn.
A Mighty Midway game in tintype.
Alvin Nguyen of New Brighton with his fair winnings.
Cinthya Hato and Joe Dominguez in a tintype portrait with their giant stuffed monkey, won on the midway.
Fairborne and Fairchild, the Minnesota State Fair mascots, posed for a tintype portrait, perhaps not their first.
Mick Sondergard from New Germany, Minn., wore his old barrel riding champion belt.
Kensley Smith of Garfield, Minn., posed for a tintype portrait with her goat, Fiona.
Mark Fjelstad posed for a tintype portrait with a friend's cow.
A collage of tintype fair photos.