Here's a bit of amusement to hopefully tie a bow around Teddy Bridgewater's most regrettable throw in a forgettable performance Sunday night, a game the Vikings won largely in spite of the young QB and not because of him.

The throw in question, of course: his left-handed toss that was intercepted in the third quarter, a play that could have turned momentum to the Packers but instead was changed right back with a fumble return for a TD by the Vikings defense.

Bridgewater admonished himself on Twitter, tweeting, "Just don't ever do that again Teddy!"

Correct. Don't ever do that again. A) Usually it's going to be high-risk, low-reward as it was Sunday. B) The king of risk-reward, Brett Favre, apparently never even tried it. How do we know?

Reader Dave sent along a video compilation of funny Favre clips — he says he found it randomly, and I'd rather believe that than think of someone poring over old Favre video — and at around the 1:20 mark the ol' Gunslinger clearly says, "The only thing I ain't done is throw one left-handed in my career."

If Favre wouldn't do it, nobody should.