Hey, reader, what do you know about life on the streets?

Cadillac Man can tell you.

In his new book, "Land of the Lost Souls" -- a collection of characters, stories and survival tips from the rough streets of New York City -- Cadillac Man (real name: Thomas Wagner) paints a vivid picture for readers and pays tribute to his friends. It's not always pretty, but it's not intended to be. You're warned early on that he hangs out with prostitutes, winos and hustlers. Just don't lump him in with them. "I ain't no bum," he states. He's homeless by choice, and he adheres to a code. He looks out for others, like runaway Penny, but he doesn't hold on too long. Cadillac Man won't beg for money. Instead, he rummages for cans to recycle and earns enough to buy coffee and a hot meal when he wants one.

He once had a job; he once had a family. He lost both and gave up.

"I didn't think I was going to stay out there that long. I was sober. I had two dollars on me and I was hungry. I realized, that's it. I'm homeless. After a couple of days, I just didn't care."

He cared enough to keep a journal, and that's how this book came together. The prose isn't polished, but it's entertaining.

Reader, you just might learn something.