THE Traveler: Bob Finn of Chanhassen.

The scene: Bob's wife, Chris, stood at the top of Castle Ewan, which is not a castle at all, but a rock formation inside the geological wonder known as Fairy Glen on Scotland's Isle of Skye. Some believe the otherworldly verdant landscape to be the home of fairies. Small ponds, conical hills and moss-covered trees, plus strategically placed stones create the feel of a mystical place. "This was one of her big bucket list things to do while we were on our trip, and miraculously we pulled it off," Finn wrote in an e-mail.

The details: The two arrived very early in the morning, hoping to see, experience and photograph the place on their own. "We got lucky as it was only us along with several sheep and few rabbits that morning, and after a rainy day the previous day, we were rewarded with the sun popping out just as my wife made it to the top of this unique Quiraing-like landslip in miniature," Finn wrote. (Quiraing is a landslip on the Isle of Skye — a landscape with unusual formations created as the land moves, rocks fall and slopes drop.)

The Photo: "We took photos from many different angles, however felt this one stood out because of a more panoramic view and how the morning sun highlighted it," he wrote.

Equipment: Panasonic Lumix DMC.

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