The Minnesota State Fair has some classic culinary delights. But when Lift Bridge Brewing Co. began brainstorming a fair-inspired beer, it didn't exactly have a smorgasboard to choose from.

"Alligator-on-a-stick beer or corn-dog beer didn't sound all that great," Lift Bridge brewmaster Matt Hall said.

A beer paying tribute to the mini doughnut, on the other hand?

"What could possibly get better than that?" Hall asked.

Hall pulled off his farfetched fantasy. At this summer's State Fair, which starts Thursday, the Lift Bridge Mini Donut Beer will be sold at the Ball Park Cafe, located on Underwood Street between Carnes and Dan Patch avenues.

The Mini Donut Beer's color bears some resemblance to a glazed doughnut, and the similarity in taste is undeniable. It took some experimentation, but Hall managed to make a malty, lightly hopped beer that's very sweet, but not repulsively rich. The beer is served in a glass rimmed with cinnamon and sugar. With a mid-level alcohol volume (5 percent), the Mini Donut Beer is very drinkable.

That said, Miller Lite's "great taste, less filling" slogan doesn't apply to this brew. You probably won't want to go for a second. And Hall says that's OK.

"You wouldn't want to eat more than one bag of mini doughnuts, either," he said. □

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