The slipping, sliding and crashing continues all across the metro area. If you have not left for work yet, just call in late and save yourself the hassle.  Chances are you'll be better off waiting until things settle down.

But if you must, here is a snapshot of the problems on the roads.

  • Northbound Hwy. 52 has two crashes between Plato Blvd. and Eaton St.
  • Westbound 94 has crashes at Prior Avenue blocking the left lane
  • Eastbound 94 is creeping along from the Crow River in Rogers to Maple Grove. That is 33 minutes
  • Crashes have traffic tied up on Hwy. 169, southbound at Hwy. 7 and 494  and northbound near Cedar Lake Road
  • Eastbound Crosstown has a crash at Hwy. 100
  • Northbound 35W is packed from County 42 to downtown Minneapolis. That is 35 to 40 minutes
  • Westbound 494 is crawling from Hwy. 5 to Hwy. 100, a 24 minute trip

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