Commuters on eastbound 94 from Rogers to Maple Grove have plenty of company. Things are moving slow in places between Hwy. 101 and I-494/94. Plan on 22 minutes to make that trip.

The construction project on 694 is having ripple effects. Westbound Hwy. 610 from Hwy. 10 over to Hwy. 252 is heavier than normal. There also is more traffic on southbound 252.

On westbound 694, it's 12 minutes from 35W over to Hwy. 100.

The drive on 169 is absolutely painful. The construction project at 49th Avenue has traffic stacked up to near I-94.

On eastbound 394, look for a fender bender on the right shoulder at Penn Avenue. It's sluggish from Hwy. 100 to Dunwoody Blvd. in Minneapolis.