Get your scarves up and your napkins ready, Loons fans. March 2 marks the home opener of the Minnesota United's 2024 season, and the weather forecast is looking beautiful.

Ahead of kickoff, Delaware North, the culinary partners at Allianz Field, unveiled the dishes they're excited to serve fans. This year's selection includes familiar restaurant names and decadent snacks in addition to standard stadium fare like hot dogs. We were game to try them all and ranked the ones we're most excited to get back in and order. (Prices were not available at the time of publication.) Game on.

6. Herbivorous Butcher grilled 'turkey' sub

Vegan fans will be thrilled to see that the prolific meat-free butcher shop from northeast Minneapolis is serving the stands toasty grilled bread with melty faux cheese and a pleasantly seasoned, thin-cut turkey sandwich. It's a satisfyingly light meal that's easy to pause while eating to cheer on another Loon goal.

5. Roots for the Home Team salads

This fantastic nonprofit organization, staffed entirely by Twin Cities youth, is branching out for the first time since its inception. We've always looked for these fresh bites at Twins games, but starting this year we can order these cool and crunchy treats in St. Paul as well. The kids work with local chefs to build their own salad recipes and, while working at the stands, gain job skills while also learning about different career paths. This one's not only tasty, but it feels good, too. Look for the SaladUp concession cart.

4. El Sazon quesabirria

Our favorite Eagan gas station fine-dining crew seem to be everywhere this year, opening a new restaurant in Minneapolis, and bringing fresh Mexican fare to Allianz Field. Flour tortillas are stuffed with gooey cheese and juicy braised beef and served with a cup of consommé for dipping.

3. Union Hmong Kitchen's United Bowl

Once again, here's chef Yia Vang, whose cuisine seems built for peak sun season. Fresh herbs, cold rice noodles, a little bit of meat and a dousing of spicy dressing is a big win.

2. Quebracho empanadas

It's a whole meal that fits in your hand. What could be better to eat while rooting for another win? Belén Rodríguez's Argentinian-style empanadas have a thin, bready wrapping around a zesty ground beef (or vegetarian) filling. They've been a favorite in grocery freezer aisles, but they're even better hot, fresh and served outside.

1. Cry Baby Craig's Hot Chicken Sandwich

In this spicy creation from Delaware North, fat chicken fingers are fried fresh and then doused in honey that's been kicked up with Cry Baby Craig's flavor-packed hot sauce. Its goodness is in the simplicity: all familiar ingredients made more divine together.