The Tuesday rush is off to a hellacious start with more than 25 accidents and spinouts in just the first hour of the commute.

Mainline roads are snow covered and icy so back it down. Today is not the day to drive the speed limit.

In many areas, that's not possible due to heavy traffic jams brought about by crashes. Among the worst is a 20-car pileup that has the ramp from southbound Hwy. 280 to eastbound 94 shut down.

Other chokepoints include:

  • Southbound 35E at County Road 96
  • Westbound 94 at Western Avenue
  • Westbound Hwy. 610 at University Avenue
  • Eastbound Hwy. 10 at 7th Avenue in Anoka
  • Southbound 35E at Roselawn Avenue
  • Northbound 35W at 106th Street
  • Northbound Hwy. 100 ramp to eastbound 694
  • Southbound 35W at Round Lake Road
  • The ramp from westbound Hwy. 62 to Penn Avenue
  • Eastbound 94 at Lexington Avenue
  • Eastbound Hwy. 36 at Rice Street

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