In the early '60s I met a guy at work and we hit it off — we both liked outdoor activities. We talked about hunting and fishing a lot. When I was in the Army Reserve in 1968, I was called up to active duty to spend some time in Southeast Asia. My new friend, George, said that he would look for some land to build a cabin on when I got back. A year went by, I got back, and sure enough he had some land on a lake up along the North Shore near Lutsen, Minn. He had cleared a spot with help from some family and friends, and was ready to build. The cabin started to take shape over the next 49 years. You might say it was a work in progress.

Whenever better items and materials were acquired, they were incorporated into making the cabin bigger or better — such as more bedrooms, new windows, carpet, electricity, gas heat, and water. Other family and friends were brought on board to participate in the activities. There were in-laws, parents, children and grandchildren — and great-grandchildren — with many stories that have been chronicled over the years in several three-ring binders. We made many trips up to the cabin together despite eventually living 100 miles apart. We hunted grouse, deer, bear, and applied for a moose permit. We also fished, hiked, snow-skied, and made friends with neighbors. This year is our 50th anniversary and, although some of the original people are no longer with us, having the place continues to be a wonderful experience, making fond memories.

Duane Leske, Plymouth