Move over, fellas. These Twin Cities women would love to master these high-profile parts usually reserved for men.

Michelle Barber

Best known for: "Gypsy" (Theater Latté Da), "Hello, Dolly!" (Chanhassen Dinner Theatres).

Dream roles: "I always wanted to play Willy Loman from 'Death of a Salesman.' It's my favorite play and there is so much a woman could do with that role to explain to an audience the egotism, survival tactics, skewed vision of love and pomposity that are ingrained in many men. Musical-wise: Starbuck in '110 in the Shade,' Harold Hill in 'The Music Man' and Macheath in 'The Threepenny Opera.' All three are huge, overblown characters, which are fun to sing and easy to ham up."

Sally Wingert

Best known for: "La Bete" (Broadway), "Noises Off" (Guthrie).

Dream roles: "There's a ton of stuff I'd like to take a crack at. Something Chekhovian, I think Uncle Vanya. One of the men in Moliere's plays. I'd like to do Willy Loman. I'd like to do Lear."

Sun Mee Chomet

Best known for: "Christmas at Pemberley," (Jungle), "How to Be a Korean Woman" (national tour).

Dream role: "I've always wanted to play Linda Loman, hoping I'd age nicely into the role someday. But, Willy is truly the juicy part! He is so complex, dynamic and heartbreaking. As an Asian American woman, I identify deeply with the tireless work it takes to survive, be seen, and feel appreciated for the sacrifices one makes. I also feel in my bones Willy's coming to terms with the brutal reality of the illusion of the American Dream."

Greta Oglesby

Best known for: "Caroline, or Change" (Guthrie), "Into the Woods" (Theater Latté Da).

Dream role: "I would love to play Othello, the Moor of Venice. It is one of Shakespeare's greatest roles, and my favorite character in the canon. How delicious it would be to re-imagine that role from a female perspective."

Sarah Agnew

Best known for: "Watch on the Rhine" (Berkeley Repertory), "As You Like It" (Guthrie).

Dream role: "I want to be Trigorin in Chekhov's 'The Seagull.' That's a monster part. He's a poet and a rogue, seducing women. That's typically the kind of quintessential role you arrive at as a man."