Twin Cities indie-rock pioneer: He was one of the first acts signed to Twin/Tone Records but was surpassed in popularity by the Replacements, Suburbs and Soul Asylum (the 'Mats also co-opted his old guitar player, Bob "Slim" Dunlap). "I've swallowed no sour grapes over any of them," Almsted said. "I'm proud to have had anything to do with any of them."

Conspiracy theorist: The avid reader and follower of both Bigfoot and UFO encounters/cover-ups claims to have been abducted at least twice by aliens himself. "Maybe I'm crazy," he said, echoing the title of the Cactus Blossoms' song he inspired. "Or maybe I just know a lot more than all the people who think I'm crazy."

"Jeopardy!" addict: Family and friends know not to call the house between 4:30 and 5 p.m. He doesn't foresee that changing after the death of the game show's host Alex Trebek: "It's going to be weird, but he was such a humble, sweet guy he'd be the first to say the show wasn't about him."

Beatles fanatic: His deep love for the Fab Four led to the first unrehearsed tribute show at 7th St. Entry the night after John Lennon's death, Dec. 8, 1980. The tradition will continue with a (rehearsed) livestreamed performance Tuesday. "I love the earnestness they brought to rock 'n' roll, especially on the early records. That earnestness and innocence was never any better, and never gets old."

Superhero grandpa: Photos shared on social media by his longtime girlfriend, Gini Dodds, have spotlighted Almsted's devotion to his five grandkids, especially 4-year-old Leo, whom he watches one day a week and shares his love for Batman and other Super Friends. "I love being in this role. It just hurts we can't get all five of them together right now."