There's a certain level of pain that comes with watching the Super Bowl when your team is not represented on the field. Still, for most NFL fans, that's the way it goes. But whether it be the commercials, the halftime show or the parties most end up making their way back begrudgingly throwing on their favorite jersey in preparation for caloric overload. This is the way it will be again for Vikings fans this season, the same as it has been for the past 46 years.

No matter what kind of Vikings fan you are or how you approach the Super Bowl, here are 5 Reasons Why Minnesota Vikings Fans Should Be Paying Attention To Super Bowl Weekend…

1. "Big Ticket" Kevin Williams will be starting at RDT for Seattle

There's no possible way to have bad feelings towards Kevin Williams. For 11 seasons "Ticket" manned the defensive line for the Minnesota Viking starting first on the outside and then moving in to play nose tackle and defensive tackle over the years. A part of the famed "Williams Wall" for six seasons, Kevin was named to six Pro Bowls and with 60 career sacks will go down as one of the better defensive tackles in Vikings team history. Just like another well known Vikings defensive tackle before him (John Randle), Williams ran out of gas in Minnesota and shot up to the Pacific Northwest to chase a championship. Thankfully for him, it may come in year one. Strap on your #93 jerseys and root for the Seahawks if you're pulling for Kevin to get a ring.

2. Super Bowl LII Logo To Be Unveiled

In Arizona this weekend, you'll see a strangely large number of Vikings players perusing around the weekend's activities. Why? Teddy Bridgewater, Harrison Smith, Kyle Rudolph, Greg Jennings and Andrew Sendejo are in Glendale this weekend for the unveiling of the Super Bowl LII logo. If you're not good with Roman Numerals that's the Minneapolis Super Bowl in 2018 that will be held at the new Vikings stadium. Typically incorporating some aspect of the stadium and host city, here's to hoping it looks a little cooler than the logo used during the team's pitch for the event earlier this year (see that gem HERE).

3. Study the "Legion of Boom"

If you are a Vikings fan and you are buying in to what Coach Zimmer is selling, take a long hard look at the secondary of the Seattle Seahawks. Aptly dubbed "The Legion Of Boom", Seattle's defensive backs pack a gigantic punch and are a large part of their recent success. Zimmer very much buys into the philosophy of having an aggressive, hard hitting secondary (see his time in Cincinnati) and with Harrison Smith and Xavier Rhodes already on roster, he's doing his best to replicate this model here with the Minnesota Vikings. Both Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman will be playing limited this weekend with various arm injuries, but you can still be assured that they will be bringing the head to the Patriots wide receivers across the middle.

4. Local celebrity to appear in Super Bowl commercial

Okay, even he would say that he's not a local celebrity, but with 35,000 Twitter followers and a daily morning show, I'm not sure what else to call him. He's also one of my best friends. "Meatsauce" Paul Lambert is set to appear in a Super Bowl commercial with Montell Jordan, yes THAT Montell Jordan. Set in an Oakdale Buffalo Wild Wings, Jordan surprises the crowd with a very special Pepsi halftime show live in their very own restaurant. Look closely and you'll see a purple KFAN sweatshirt and his signature blue Hartford Whalers cap among the crowd.

5. The Commercials

While many of the good ones have already leaked, there's never any better reason to watch the Super Bowl (if your team isn't playing) than to laugh and be entertained by Super Bowl Commercials. If you've been able to avoid the new trend of "leaking" SB commercials before the Super Bowl, you've got a few doozies coming your way. If you've succomd to the pressure to watch the leaked versions like I have, here's to hoping that there are a few good ones that have yet to be shared. For the record, here is my favorite Super Bowl Commercial of all time → CLICK HERE.