Traffic continues to crawl on most major routes with drive times three to four times as long as normal.

I-494 is parked through the Bloomington strip.

It's the same story on northbound Hwy. 100 from Crosstown up to 94. Southbound is heavy from 394 to 494.

Hwy. 169 is a miserable drive in both directions from 394 to 94.  It's also bumper to bumper from 494 south to Hwy. 101. Plan on 50 minutes from 394 up to 94.

Word from the State Patrol is that a westbound 94 driver lost control at Hwy. 95, went through the median and slid under a semitrailer truck heading eastbound. A female driver was killed.

Emergency vehicles are on the scene of a wreck of southbound 694 at 35E. Lanes are blocked.

Southboind 35W from downtown Minneapolis to 98th Street is 35 minutes.

I-94 between the downtowns is going nowhere fast. That is 35 minutes or more.



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