The Jewish holiday of Passover begins April 5 at sundown, and many families will be gathering on the first two nights for a Seder, or ritual dinner. Dietary restrictions (no bread, for one thing) during the eight-day holiday make dining out or ordering in challenging. For those who don't keep strictly kosher, some Twin Cities restaurants are offering Passover-friendly menus to make observing a little easier — and tastier.

Here are four places to get Passover-style food for a Seder and beyond. Note: These restaurants are neither kosher nor kosher for Passover.

The Lynhall

The Lynhall pastry chef Jeremy Intille has released a special dessert menu for the holiday, and each will feed a tableful of Seder-goers. There's a flourless chocolate hazelnut torte with chantilly, candied hazelnuts and hazelnut praline; a spring Pavlova with lemon mousse, fresh berries and thyme; and pistachio matzo cheesecake with mascarpone and honey. Allow 48 hours for orders; pickup is April 4-13 from the Lyn-Lake location.

2640 Lyndale Av. S., Mpls., 612-870-2640,

Yum Kitchen & Bakery

The chicken soup is a comforting bowl of goodness all year long, but during Passover, get it with a matzah ball. Other specials at Patti Soskin's three metro-area cafes include packs of matzo-meal popovers, chopped liver, matzo granola and, for dessert, matzo toffee, chocolate almond treats and coconut macaroons.

164 N. Snelling Av., St. Paul, 651-615-1230; 4000 Minnetonka Blvd., St. Louis Park, 952-922-4000; 6001 Shady Oak Road, Minnetonka, 952-933-6001;

Crossroads Delicatessen

The line at the deli can be overwhelming as people from throughout the metro area wait to pick up preorders. Consider it a mood-setter to help you prepare for the jovial chaos of a good Seder. The diner's holiday menu includes Passover cabbage borscht, gefilte fish, lamb shanks braised in borscht and more. Or just go with the available-all-year matzo ball soup. There's only one matzo ball, but it's likely the biggest one you'll ever have.

2795 Hedberg Drive, Minnetonka, 952-546-6595,


St. Paul's classic Jewish-style deli goes the extra mile for Passover for the semi-observant, who might not be looking for kosher meat, but still want to forgo bread in their deli sandwich. For an upcharge, Cecil's will replace any sandwich's bread with a matzo meal popover. It's an eggy bun that pairs well with sliced corned beef and coleslaw. In the past, other Passover menu items included lox and onions, a flourless brownie, fried matzo and chopped liver.

651 S. Cleveland Av., St. Paul,