Big, comfy glasses not included

Big, comfy glasses not included

The future just got a little closer. (Well, it always does, at the same pace, but you know what I mean.) 3-D Baseball:


DirecTV and the Yes Network are planning to televise what they say will be the first Major League Baseball games in 3-D.


The New York Yankees vs. Seattle Mariners games on July 10 and 11 will be aired in New York, Connecticut, Washington, Oregon, Alaska and parts of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Montana and Idaho.

Here’s the caveat: “Only viewers with 3-D sets will be able to watch in 3-D.” The fact that they feel compelled to note that means we’re in for another round of people who don’t grasp the technology; just as people bought high-def TV and wondered why normal TV looked all wide and smeary, people will wonder why 3D looks so flat. For those who have the proper set, though, this should be cool - especially if someone fires a line drive right into the camera. It’s like you’re right there! Without suffering a concussion or nose-bone fragments in your brain.

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