Thursday, Aug. 23: 122,695, which set a record for first-day attendance. That compares to 117,877 on the first day last year and 111,902 in 2016. The previous record for first-day attendance was 119,145 in 2010.

Friday, Aug. 24: 108,059. Last year's second-day attendance was 125,324. In 2016, a crowd of 141,023 set the record for second-day attendance. Friday's rainy weather probably played a role in this year's attendance dip.

Saturday, Aug 25: 222,194, which set a record for third-day attendance. That compares to 158,525 last year and 180,567 in 2016. The previous record was set in 1998, with 202,126 people at the fair.

Sunday, Aug. 26: 184,716. Last year's fourth-day attendance was 197,891 and 177,906 in 2016.

Source: Minnesota State Fair