A 14-year-old boy behind the wheel of a stolen car eluded several police cars in Rosemount before surrendering when one of his tires went flat, authorities said Tuesday.

The boy, whose identity and city of residence were withheld because he is a juvenile, was arrested about 3 p.m. Monday near 145th Street and Shannon Parkway, said Rosemount Police Chief Eric Werner. The teen is being held on suspicion of several traffic violations, along with fleeing police and auto theft.

“He was not stopping for anything,” said Garett Greeman, who saw much of the pursuit from his seat on a Minnesota Valley Transit Authority bus. “He was swerving with two cop cars on him.”

Greeman said he was impressed with the driving ability of someone so young. “He kept it under control,” Greeman said. “He was keeping ahead of those cops.”

At one point, police tried a “pit” maneuver, which involves ramming the car to a halt, but that failed and “he passes the bus I’m on.”

Greeman said he saw three squad cars from Rosemount, two from Apple Valley and one from the Dakota County Sheriff’s Office involved.

Werner said the teen behind the wheel first drew an officer’s attention by disobeying a stop sign and refusing to stop.

Instead, the chief added, the boy sped up. That’s when the officer activated his lights and siren in pursuit.

Within about 10 minutes, and after a tire went flat after hitting a curb, the teen pulled over and surrendered.

Werner said the entire episode “for the most part” stayed in the area around 145th, Shannon Parkway and Chippendale Avenue. No one was hurt.