With Jerry getting ready to head to the Big Easy, I was lucky enough to head over to practice today.

The big question was whether Wolves coach Rick Adelman would tinker with his starting lineup after the Wolves starters fell behind by 24 points vs. Chicago the other day.

The quick answer: He doesn't know yet.

"I haven't made any decisions with that yet," he said.

It was hard to come to any conclusions during practice, because so many players weren't available. Kevin Love was away dealing with a personal issue, though he was scheduled to be on the flight to New Orleans. J.J. Barea (ankle) and Michael Beasley (foot) are still hurt and did not go on the trip. That left Adelman with just nine healthy players, and that makes it hard to run a workout. Adelman said Brad Miller, coming back from knee surgery, did a few things in practice, but only in half-court sets.

"We had to change things around today because we didn't have a lot of guys out on the court," Adelman said. "We just have to adjust as we go. That's just the way it is at this point."

So it appears the earliest we might find out about a potential lineup change will be after tomorrow's morning shoot. Jerry will be all over that.

Other notes:

--Miller is still a ways away from being all the way back, though today's work was encouraging.

--Adelman said the compressed schedule could be do at least in part to the compressed schedule. "That's definitely part of it," he said. "When you look at some of the injuries we've had, and we had guys hurt when the season started, and since then with J.J. with the pulled hamstring and then the other night with the turned ankle, I think some if it has to do with that. You hope your team gets healthier and better."

--Ricky Rubio on the key to the Wolves starting games better: "We are, like, waiting for it," he said. "we have to punch first. I mean, in this league, if they punch first -- like Chicago did -- you are in trouble. You are 24 down."


That's about it for now. Jerry will blog at you tomorrow.

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